Adam Imam: The standout star from Jharkhand

Shillpi A Singh

In your name, the family name is at last because it’s the family name that lasts,” wrote author, professional magician and mentalist Amit Kalantri in his book Wealth of Words. Well, the young and talented Adam Christopher Imam, 21, from Hazaribagh in Jharkhand couldn’t agree more with his statement. After all, he comes from one of India’s most distinguished families, which has produced a steady stream of intellectuals for the past two centuries.

Adam is the son of Justin and Alka Imam, the grandson of Padma Shri Bulu Imam and Syed Hasan Imam’s great-grandson. The enviable family lineage has made him conscious because with great power comes great responsibility, and he is aware of both – power and its responsibilities. “My great grandfather was the president of the Indian National Congress in 1918. My parents are founders of Virasat Trust while my grandfather is an environmentalist and social worker who was honored with the Gandhi Peace Award in 2011. I have seen them work so hard for the revival and resurgence of Kohvar and Sohrai paintings in and around Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, all through my growing up years. It is thanks to them that Kohvar and Sohrai paintings bagged the GI tag,” says the youngest Imam, highlighting his illustrious family’s history.    

Adam with his parents – Justin and Alka- and sister Eva.

An alumnus of St Xavier’s School, Hazaribagh, Adam is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism management from Chandigarh University. The choice of the subject was obvious. “I come from a family that has devoted itself to the preservation of Jharkhand’s art, culture and tourism. I would like to contribute towards enriching their legacy, and my love for travelling is another reason,” says the travel buff. 

His last trip to the Land of Pyramids & Pharaohs in June 2019 was an enchanting experience. “I was in Egypt for 45 days as a global youth volunteer for a cultural exchange program. I travelled across the country and explored more than eight big cities during my trip,” he adds. The young lad is different from others of his ilk; his fondness and pride for his state, and all things Jharkhand is remarkable. “It comes from my parent’s grounded upbringing. I’ve always been taught to embrace our culture and stay connected to our roots because only a tree with strong roots laughs at storms,” he quips. Adam took it upon himself to ‘educate’ his ignorant classmates and faculty at his College about his home state’s richness. He flaunts his Jharkhand tag with immense pride. He loves dressing up in the traditional attire, and quite often.   

He can count on his attitude and aptitude and these alone will go a long way in helping him carve a niche in the tourism sector. The young boy is angling for his moment in the spotlight and has the personality and charm to be the standout face 2021 from Jharkhand. Watch out world, here comes Adam Christopher Imam. 

Adam Christopher Imam.

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