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बचपन, बारिश, और सियार का ब्याह

… क्यूंकि आज यूँ ही मेरा दिल फिर ऐसी बारिश के लिए बेचैन हो गया।

आजकल मेरे बचपन के शहर धनबाद में फिर वैसी ही बारिश हो रही है जैसे सियार का ब्याह हो रहा हो। हाँ, आपने ठीक पढ़ा। हमने तो अपने बचपन ये कहावत खूब सुना था। दादी कहा करती थी – जब धूप में बारिश होती थी तो कहीं दूर जंगल में सियार का ब्याह हो रहा होता है।या यह समझ लीजिये, जब सूरज बादलों के बीच से कहीं झाँक रहा हो और खिली धूप में बस थोडी देर के लिए जोर दार बारिश हो जाये तो उसे सियार का ब्याह होना कहते है।

A view of the rainbow from the terrace of my home in Dhanbad. Photo Credit: Shruti

सिर्फ दादी ही नहीं, मैंने कई लोगों को यही कहते सुना है।और उसके बाद इन्द्रधनुष भी दिखता था। मानो जैसे दुल्हन के लिए बहुभात का आयोजन प्रकृति ने स्वयं ही कर दिया हो। उन दिनों ऐसे मंज़र से ज्यादा खूबसूरत और कुछ नहीं हुआ करता था। पल छीन में बरसात, बादल, धूप, सूरज और इन्द्रधनुष सब देख कर सारी इंद्रियां तृप्त और मन प्रसन्न हो जाया करता था।

फिर कभी-कभार जब हम चारों बहनों को छत पर एक साथ आसमान में दो इंद्रधनुष दिख जाया करता था तो ऐसा लगता है कि जैसे हमें कुबेर का खज़ाना मिल गया हो। आप सोच रहे होंगे ऐसा भला क्यों ? क्यूंकि हमनें कभी किसी को यूँ कहते सुना था – अगर एक साथ दो इंद्रधनुष दिख जाये तो तुरंत किसी कपड़े के टुकड़े में गांठ बांध कर कामना करने से वो कामना पूरी हो जाती है। ऐसा कर के हम चारों बहनों ने न जाने घर की कितनी ही चुन्नियों और रूमालों के कोनों में गांठ बाँधा होगा।अब यह तो मेरी माँ ही बता सकती है क्यूंकि वह आज तक इन गांठों का रहस्य नहीं समझ पायीं। और न हम चारों को यह याद है कि गांठ बांध कर हमारी कितनी मनोकामनाएं अब तक पूरी हुई हैं।

A rainbow hanging atop the hills as seen from my home in Dhanbad. Picture credit: Shruti

सियार का ब्याह क्यूँ कहा जाता था ये आज तक मालूम नहीं कर पाए – न हम और और न कोई और। ऐसा था हमारा बचपन और उसकी बारिशें।

(बारिशों के पानी, बचपन की यादों और हज़ारों अधूरी ख़्वाहिशों को सप्रेम समर्पित। क्यूंकि यह तीनों ही असंख्येय, अविस्मरणीय और अमूर्त हैं। Pictures provided by my sister Shruti from her recent Dhanbad trip; written by Shillpi | शिल्पी)

You are cordially invited to attend the wedding of dugwell and banyan tree

King Sri Krishnadevaraya wanted to organise the wedding of his royal well to find his wise advisor Tenali Rama, but a well is also wedded off in a colourful custom prevalent in Bihar and Jharkhand. 

The last you would have heard of a well’s wedding was in the folklore of Tenali Rama. Once upon a time, it had so happened that King Sri Krishnadevaraya and his wise advisor Tenali Rama had a spat over some trivial issue, following which the King banished him from the royal court. After this episode, Tenali Rama left the kingdom and moved to a nondescript village. Soon, the King realised that Tenali Rama was, in fact, correct, and he was keen to have him back in his court. But his special advisor was nowhere to be found. To look for him, the King had to use his wits. An announcement was made saying that the King had organised the royal well’s wedding in his capital Vijayanagar on the full moon night, and the village panchayats in his kingdom were cordially invited to attend the same with their wells in tow. The King wouldn’t tolerate any defiance, and if the villagers failed to bring their wells along for the wedding, they would be penalised 100 gold coins. The harried villagers sought Tenali Rama’s advice. He suggested that they meet the King the following day and tell him that the village wells would attend the wedding for sure, but only if the royal well comes and invites them personally. The King knew that it could be only his witty courtier Tenali Rama, who could give the villagers this suggestion to outwit the King’s proposed well’s wedding plan, and well, eventually both won the battle of wits in equal measure.  

Taking a leaf out of this folklore, a quaint neighbourhood — Vikas Nagar — in Ward no 8 of the Barh subdivision of Patna district organised a wedding of its well with great pomp and show on November 28, 2019.

Sharmila Kumari, Vikas Mitra of Ward no 8, Barh.
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Now, a vet for your pet is just a click away

The one-of-its-kind service by Practo will provide 24*7 remote consultations by licensed veterinarians for pets healthcare needs.

New Delhi, March 24, 2021: In a bid to create equitable healthcare access for all, Practo, India’s leading integrated healthcare company has launched veterinary telemedicine service on its platform. Teaming with licensed veterinarians across the country, the company will be offering 24*7 online consultation services for pets.

With more than 20 million households with pets in India, and a growth of over 40% in the adoption of puppies and cats  amid a work-from-home setting, this service will help pet owners get medical help for their furry friends from the comfort of their homes. They can easily talk to veterinarians regarding concerns that do not require a physical examination or warrant an emergency visit to the clinic.

Launched as a pilot project last month, Practo recorded nearly two lakh search queries from pet parents. Buoyed by the positive response, the speciality was launched officially as a part of the company’s telemedicine services. Most of the veterinary queries revolved around diet management for pets, medication for fleas and ticks, food allergies among pets, and behavioral problems among pets. Queries came in from more than 40 cities with Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai topping the list.

Commenting on the new initiative, Siddhartha Nihalani, VP – Product, Practo, said, “Our foray into virtual veterinary care aligns with our larger vision of improving access to quality healthcare. With many people taking care of pets for the first time during the Coronavirus-induced lockdown, and several others anxious about visiting a clinic amid this pandemic, we want to enable them with a convenient yet reliable solution.”

Online veterinary consultations become even more convenient once the work from home situation ends, as pet parents can consult online whenever they have concerns without skipping work. This includes getting a second opinion for certain procedures, obtaining treatment or diet recommendations, asking follow-up questions, and seeking advice on behavioural issues – all in real-time and without exposing themselves to any risk.

Dr Daisy Rani, a veterinarian from Chennai with 25 years of experience, said, “Helping people to take care of their pets is the best part of being a veterinarian. Being able to do that in a way that is convenient for pet parents, especially during a pandemic like this, is a truly rewarding experience. I am glad that a company like Practo is going the extra mile for the well-being of pets by adding veterinary services as a part of its telemedicine platform.”

With Practo’s veterinary telemedicine service, pet parents can connect with a verified veterinarian via audio or video call or even text messages – anytime, anywhere – in just 60 seconds. Not only is this convenient, but also crucial to get timely advice on common but potentially harmful ailments. The service will be available both on Practo’s app as well as the website. To consult a veterinary doctor online, click here.

(Cover Image by Charlotte Govaert from Pixabay)

Facebook buddies

Meet my FB buddies!

Followers: Day or night, who love, like, and get wowed by my post, with all their might, without losing sight… yes, they are truly the friends in need, indeed. They are the most adorable bunch of dearies on my list for they mean what they say.

Haters: Hard to please ones who aren’t moved an iota with my social media antics, care two hoots and pretend to be indifferent, after all ignorance is bliss. There are six degrees of hatred that separate the so-called friend’s big ego and me.

Stalkers: They are the online news gatherers, who love to keep an eye on my (their friend’s) social media movements. So what I post, react, comment and why, should be in their know-how, and that’s the limit of their online friendship.

Screamers: They love to go public with their love and hatred, in equal measures. Applicable for couples who not only think but also scream aloud from their FB walls, wishing their better halves – loving wives and adorable hubbies – on their anniversaries and birthdays so that all others in their friend list get the message, loud and clear.

Creepers: The ones who like to bomb my FB post with their not-so-sensible, and often stupid comments. They leave no stone unturned to make the wall divide best of best friends over religious, political or social views, comments, and opinions. Lo and behold, the wall looks no less than a mini war zone.

Socializers: Their favourite online past-time is to like, share and comment on the posts of celebrities of all hues. After all, they are the “Jabra” fans, and the stars, politicians, sportsperson, etc., should know of their existence, if not in person, surely online.

Flaunters: Got it? Then flaunt it? Afterall, joy only doubles if you share the best that you have with your friends, enemies, and frenemies on your list. Some may like it, others may hate it, a few others will ignore it too, but then that’s what makes it all the more interesting.

Fakers: These kinds don’t mean even a word of the Awws, Muahs, Hugs, Wows and all sweet nothings that they so liberally post in my comment box. What they say is what they don’t mean at all and what they don’t mean at all is what they love to say… so I better look before I leap.

Baiters: These friends wait patiently for their turn on FB. After all its more fun to bait for that one post, or comment that gives them the ultimate kick because all these bunch of losers love to see their buddy falter, fumble and fall, higher the better.