Lanka’s Sleeping Demon Kumbhakaran joins mattress brand Wakefit as Chief Sleep Officer

In this exciting role, the greatest sleep influencer on Earth will officially test the mattresses, and they will be dispatched to a customer only once #ApprovedbyKumbhakarn. 

New Delhi, October 18, 2021: Wakefit has appointed Kumbhakarn (KK) as the Chief Sleep Officer on October 12, 2021, and in this role, he will be officially “testing” all Wakefit mattresses before they are delivered at a customer’s doorstep.

“I am the official “tester” 👮 of Wakefit mattresses. No mattress shall show up at your doorstep without being #ApprovedbyKumbhkaran. If it reaches slightly late, then you can blame it on me. Woh kya hain na, I am quite meticulouzzz. 😉,” says the sleeping demon on his appointment as CSO, Wakefit. 

The official communication announcing KK’s appointment as CSO, Wakefit.

The reasons for joining Wakefit are obvious. His work days are gonna be sleep days, and who wouldn’t want that. “At my previous workplace, they often caught me sleeping 😴 on the job. It was against the rules, they said. Pfft! They were the worst. Believe it or not, once they made a thousand elephants walk over me to wake me up. 😒 Speak of toxic bosses, right? Well, mine was a demon so,” says KK, adding how his previous employer often shamed him for his sleeping habits.   

But he is glad that his passion has finally been recognized by the wonderful folks at Wakefit. He thanked Wakefit founder Ankit Garg and co-founder Chaitanya Ramalingegowda for recruiting him for this vacation… ahem, position. 

“I am highly enthuzzziastic about sleep. I am a total foodie and believe that one must have the cake and eat it too, basically, eat cake twice! My jokes make me chuckle even in my sleep. My favorite saying is, May the snores be with you. Yes, believe it or not, Obi-Wan Kenobi stole it from me,” KK proudly proclaims about his biggest strength, the power to have a sound sleep.

As morale booster in Ravana’s Lankan Army, he had witnessed 13 days of absolute chaos. Calling it a professional mistake, KK says the stint taught him that he can’t lose sleep over someone else’s whims and fancies. “I enjoyed the first few days, but the boss expected too much of me. If you think your boss is two-faced, mine was ten-faced! Also, no chai-sona breaks. Can you believe that? What were they thinking?,” he quips. 

KK had also delivered a BED Talk on this professional mistake. It has more than 10 million hits so far.

“If all of us could learn one thing from Kumbhkaran is laser sharp focus on the task at hand. Absolutely hates multitasking and hustle. Lots to learn from him and his inputs have really benefited our business.” 

Prateek Malpani, Head Of Brand at Wakefit

Talking about his growing up years in Lanka where he was just another friendly daemon, he says, “My job basically entailed sleeping, and boy was I the best in the business! But alas, my joy was short-lived. I mean just a couple of centuries, but they went by so quickly, like a few years. 😒 Good old days. Anyway, I am keeping my face toward the sun, because unlike you, the sun got nothing on my sleep. 😏😬

KK is a proud recipient of three awards, Asian Hypnos, Asian Thanos and Philo-sooo-pher of the Year. At Wakefit, he is currently working on Project Operation Cheap Thrill. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy from Narad Muni University.  

“Kumbhkaran is a great team leader and runs tight meetings with clear agendas – everyone gets to sleep. Such an inspiration!”

Mosab A., Growth & Strategy at Wakefit
Movies, Masti and Snore… yes, that’s what keeps Wakefit’s CSO on his toes, ahem, bed.

The greatest sleep influencer on Earth, Kumbhakaran has proven experience in quality assurance, philosophy, army and sleep training, that will come in handy in his current role as Chief Sleep Officer. 

Click here: to interact with KK and see for yourself.

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