The Fading Script
The article was carried in The Free Press Journal in its edition dated July 11, 2021.

THE STORY OF SCRIPTS (Source: Kayasth: An Encyclopedia of Untold Stories)

The oldest decipherable script is Brahmi. The oldest indecipherable script is the Sindhu-Harappan script.

The world over, script and languages have been written either left to right (Brahmi, Nagri, Roman, French, Russian, etc.) or right to left (Kharoshti, Persian, Arabic, Urdu, etc.) and from top to bottom (Chinese, Japanese, etc).

The ones written from left to right are inspired by the rays of the Sun, those from right to left are inspired by the Moon, and the flame of fire inspires the ones that are written from top to bottom.

The Buddhist literature ‘Lalit Granth’ traces Kaithi not to Brahmi but the undeciphered Harappan script of Sindhu.

Every ancient civilisation has a God of the pen. Egyptians have Dhot God, and Babylonians had Nebo. Jews traced it to Musa, Islam to Allah, and Greeks to Hemens. Hindu’s pen-God is Shree Chitragupta, who created the script for the writer class.

Kayasthas gifted four scripts to the Indian civilisation –  Kaithi, Kaithili, Bangla, and Devanagri.

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